Types of Online Daters

Online dating can be an extremely useful tool or it could be an absolute nightmare. There are over 40 million individuals in the US alone that are using some type of dating service almost regularly. Statistically speaking, with over 40 million people that are available at your every whim, it should be a synch finding a potential partner. The numbers are definitely in your favor, but you need to notice red flags of a possible psycho dater and run like the wind! We don’t mean literally, run – but you should be familiar with the idiom.

These are the most obvious types of online psycho daters. Be advised when proceeding to communicate with these types of individuals. We also advise that you always trust your intuition, there’s usually a plausible reason why you feel so icky about that someone – it’s just a matter of time before you find out what that reason is.

The Liar
This type of dater is usually easy to spot. They’ll say one thing, and then completely contradict themselves in a later conversation. They might mention one type of job, and then admit to working at another. Somehow you’re never really sure what the truth is and what are just more lies. They’ll usually agree with everything you say, they’ll somehow like all the same music, art, and might be studying in the same line of work. If you notice that all their opinions are really yours then you should make for a break and ditch all the lies.

The Cheater
This is another type of dater that can be easily spotted if you’re familiar with the red flags. One huge red flag is the fact that you can’t call them unless it’s under specific circumstances. They’ll usually state that they’ll call you whenever they can. If they miss dates/chats they always manage to rummage up an excuse. They tend to flake out on plans very abruptly and last minute with no explanation- until afterwards. They also prefer to stay in or go out of town, very private people (private meaning your entire relationship is kept private). Bail out early if any of this sounds all too familiar to you.

Relationships & Gifting

Once again the holidays have crept up on you and you're faced with the ultimate decision. Should you buy that person a gift or pass on the entire idea. Gifting giving is already so complicated, when you add the factors of your relationship to the mix - chances are, you'll be extremely confused. While you weigh out your pros and cons, you start considering all the different factors that you should take into consideration.

  • the length of your relationship 
  • the seriousness of the relationship 
  • who's going to see the gift exchange 
  • possible gift ideas & their costs 

The questions continue, we know! We figured that this was a start. The length of the relationship isn't at all the tell-all but you want to keep in mind that the longer a relationship is - the better the gift should be. If the relationship is fairly new, just a couple weeks old, get them something light-hearted, simple; it shows you cared enough to think of them while you were shopping around. If it’s an exclusive relationship that you think is very serious, then be prepared to put more thought into your gift, make it meaningful.

In regards to the type of relationship you’re in, think about whether it’s something casual, something extremely exclusive, or a little bit of both. The less serious the relationship is, the less pressure you have to get the “perfect” gift – at that point, it’s the thought that counts. Remember, giving a gift should be enough for that special someone - if it's not then maybe you've got bigger issues than just figuring out what gift to get them.

Who's going to witness the gift exchange is also an important aspect of gift-giving. If their family, friends, coworkers are going to be there - leave the inappropriate gifts at home. You wouldn’t want them opening up to a trunk full of sex toys in front of their immediate supervisor.

3 Awkward Date Moments

Awkward moments on a first date are almost inevitable, but it’s better to be prepared than completely blindsided. For instance, what kind of responses are women expecting when they hint to a specific topic; what kind of response will turn them off & what response will be most impressive. Listed below you’ll find some of the most awkward date topics and the responses we think are most inappropriate and which responses we think can earn you some brownie points.

Topic #1: she mentions that she just got out of a really tough relationship
Response: although “ex” talk should be forbidden on the first date, sometimes women will bring it up – for what reason, we wouldn’t know – nonetheless, if your date happens to bring up her previous relationship she probably wants to talk about it a little. Simply state, “It sounds like it was pretty harsh on you; do you want to talk about it?” Even by just suggesting that you’re willing to listen to the entire ordeal could be rather impressive. If she chooses whether or not to talk about it doesn’t really matter at that point, the important thing is that you look like you’re empathetic, sensitive, and you’re a listener; these are three traits that women absolutely love!

Things to Remember

It’s time to start online dating and you have no idea what you’re doing- bluntly speaking. Online dating is probably more convenient than any other kind of dating. You get to do it under your terms, whenever it’s convenient for you and you can easily log off whenever things get a bit too overwhelming.

Some tips that can help keep your sanity while online dating:

  • You’re not obligated to share anything you’re not comfortable with. One of the beauties in online dating is that the other person sitting across the computer screen can’t make you feel uncomfortable or bad if you decide not to answer their questions. You have all the right to ignore their question, refuse to answer, or tell them to STFU if you really feel like it. 
  • If someone interests you, go ahead and send them an email or message. The internet may offer a surplus of things for online daters, but one thing that isn’t provided is the ability to mind-read. Unfortunately, your crush won’t have any idea that you’re into them unless you go out of your way and let them know! 

They're just not that into you

Regardless of your age, how many relationships you’ve been in, how long those relationships have been, or how long you’ve known the person for – it’s sometimes difficult to read whether or not a person is interested in you. Although males prefer to remain mysterious, women somehow always express how they really feel. Whether your partner is just opting for extra privacy, or if they’re just not into you is a struggle, in itself, to figure out. These are common traits that usually confirm your partner is no longer into you; the more they exhibit the more confirmation you have.

Bad news: they just might not be into you anymore
Good news: it’s time to brush off the old & take in the new

1. They don’t return your calls/text messages 
This redflag usually means one of two things. One, they’re too busy to be calling/texting you back. Two, you aren’t an important enough priority to call/text you back in a timely manner – both a negative thing. Regardless of whether or not your partner is busy, they should text/call you back eventually – if this never happens you should take the hint and avoid re-calling/texting.

2. They always have an excuse to flake 
You’ve been dating for a while now and you’ve noticed that whenever you make specific plans, somehow something “important” tends to come up. First it’s a work emergency, then something with their friend, then a possible family affair which needs to be tended to – all of which conveniently occur when you make plans. You think it may be a coincidence, we think not.

Flirty Freddy

I haven't been out on a date in a really long time. I just recently broke off my engagement with my boyfriend of 8 years. My friends insisted that I stop moping around my house and get back to dating.

So there's Freddy, a man who is a friend of a friend. Our mutual friend decided it was a great idea to set us up on a date. At the time, I was extremely nervous & hesitant about going - but I got talked into it anyway.

Immediately, I should have known that the date was doomed from the beginning. We agreed to meet at the restaurant at approximately 7:30PM. I got there around 7:40 - thought I'd be the late one until Freddy comes strolling in at 8:15. Sometimes, being late is inevitable because of traffic, getting lost, ect. but he didn't bother to call/text and let me know he was running late. That's what bothered me the most, the fact that he didn't have the decency to let his date know when he'd be in, that was strike one.

Save your Sex Drive

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If you think you’ve lost your desire to spread the love, never fear CasualDates is here to save you & your dwindling sex drive.

More than anything, a struggling sex drive isn’t anything except a mental blockage (for most people). It’s almost as if it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. In almost all cases we’ve come in contact with, the issue has usually been brought up by the partner – sooner or later that individual finds themselves obsessed over what this possible “issue” actually is. After continuous deliberation, they usually find themselves so stressed out over their supposed low sex drive, that their bodies are eventually physically unable to perform. Not to worry though, this is only a minor setback.